100% Natural Water Hyacinth Storages Basket

    Water hyacinth is a invasive species which let people get headaches. It is very strange that other countries are afraid of water hyacinth, but Cambodians treasure it very much. Why are Cambodians not afraid of the invasion of the water hyacinth? What’s the use of the water hyacinth? Let’s find out in the video.
    Water hyacinth is a large water plant in the Amazon Basin, which has been introduced by many countries because of its high ornamental value and its ability to be used as animal feed. At this, some people might think that's strange it isn’t just a kind of water plant, is it? What is there to be afraid of? And here's what I want to tell you that don’t look down upon this kind of water plant which can make all countries terror stricken. More than 50 countries mark it as invasive plant and are very afraid of it, since it is defined as invasive duties for its destructive is certainly very strong
    Cambodians find out infinite business opportunities from the flush water hyacinth. They go to the lake every day to pick water hyacinth, at least 200 water hyacinth roots in a morning, and flat dry on the racks. Two weeks later, they clean the completely dry water hyacinth roots and put it on racks and smoke it with charcoal to kill the bacteria inside. The smaller ones will be used to make cushions, the medium-sized ones will be woven into fashionable backpacks, and the largest ones will be woven into carpets. Chinese craftsmen brought in this material, combined with traditional skills to make this water hyacinth be woven rope and then made into a variety of storage baskets which are very practical and beautiful. It can be used in kitchen, living room, bathroom and storages various daily articles. This kind of natural material is very environmentally friendly and safe for direct contact with food, such as fruit, bread and so on. It is very popular among people.




Post time: Jun-23-2022