“The Hometown of Hand-woven Products”:Bobai

Bobai & Pubei, the "Hometown of Hand-woven" in Guangxi, Have Shaped Merchandise to Revitalize the Overseas Market

"Everyone around me was telling me that things were so bad that I was going to stay home for a while." As she carefully wove the bread basket in her hand, the craftsman Jie Pang recalled her uneasy mood a few months ago.

"When the pandemic started, almost all of our customers asked us to delay shipments. At that time, the warehouse stored more than 5 million yuan worth of finished hand-woven natural products which were unsalable, and part of the production workshops were also used to store the products that could not be put in the warehouse." A large-sized export company sales manager said.


It is understood that there are 435 knitting enterprises in Bobai county, with 28,000 permanent employees and more than 200,000 temporary and seasonal employees. To counter the impact of the pandemic, knitting companies who rely on overseas markets have had to find ways to help themselves.

People around the world will probably spend a lot of time at home making bread and other food during the quarantine. As expected, the sales of a bread basket, 21cm in diameter, has surged when other products have not. To meet the huge overseas market demand, workers work overtime to produce the bread basket. Many weaving enterprises in Bobai County are also rapidly joining the ranks of the production of this kind bread baskets.


Local craftsmen in Bobai are making trending bread baskets.

The Internet has played an important role in helping local knitting companies save themselves. To attract more buyers from the United States and Europe, they promoted their trending bread baskets on Alibaba International Station. At the same time, local factories were doing live broadcast on social media overseas. Their orders from live broadcast account for 20% of total sales.

In another hand-woven town, Guangxi Pubei County, as one of the main producing areas of Guangxi hand-woven arts and crafts, Pubei Longmen hand-woven (rattan hand-woven) was included in the autonomous region level representative intangible cultural heritage project list in Dec. 2020.

While inheriting the traditional rattan hand-woven skills, local craftsmen keep adding new materials and hand-woven methods to meet the demand of domestic and foreign consumer markets. At the same time, the company has developed more than 200 new rattan products such as rattan vegetable basket and lampshade, among which the series such as dirty clothes basket and food cover are sold at home and abroad, leading the consumption trend and giving rattan hand-woven technology fresh vitality.

3-wicker rattan-basket-manufacturer

Pubei hand-woven industry has formed an enterprise cluster based on industrial chain. In recent years, Pubei county has introduced a total investment of 400 million to 500 million yuan, annual output value 500 million yuan to 600 million yuan intelligent leisure furniture industrial park (foreign investment) project, on the basis of Pubei hand-woven industry. The leading enterprises can stimulate a number of associated enterprises settled in pubei county and boost Pubei hand-woven industry’s development of clustering, scale, specialization, to build the largest outdoor intelligent leisure furniture industrial park in southwest China.


Post time: Aug-09-2022