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EISHO Co., Ltd., founded in 1988, is a Guilin-based global company. EISHO set up branches in Hongkong, Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We gained sales network and manufacturing bases all over the world.

EISHO is concerned to offer One-stop Service on household supplies and home lifestyle for making life easier and more comfortable. Since its establishment, EISHO has been a competitive global supply chain integration company, granted ISO9001, FSC, BSCI and Sedex. EISHO has earned the respect of our customers and competitors as well as winning more than 200 customers of cooperation and support around world.

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Jojo Xiao

Product Manager

Lily Yang

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Iris Jiang


Ken Lin


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EISHO has factories in Guilin, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other areas in China and Vietnam. We have the ability to provide high-quality products to meet customers’ demands. Since 2012, EISHO has strategically expanded home storage products set to save space, aimed to be an organizing expert. EISHO have more than 10 members professional designer team which focusing on product design, packing design, interior design, brand design, industrial design, etc. We are deeply trusted and supported by our customers for our understanding of terminal market, innovative design concept and strict quality control. We successfully served big buyers and online seller by OBM/ODM/OEM with the factory we’re in shares.


In the long journey of development, EISHO has own sustainable development of scientific management system and practice the scientific management of “everything grows”. Own self-organizing ecosphere formed inside so that we can make decisions quickly and flexibly according to market changes and better meet the personalized needs of users.

EISHO MISSION: Gather interesting people to improve life by products.

EISHO PROSPECT: Be a company that makes people feel happy


EISHO is always in thinking how to contribute our best to society as the same time we develop ourselves. We founded LOVE FOUND. EISHO insists on localize operation to promote local economic development, and focuses on development model and is an enterprise most welcomed by employees, partners, suppliers, buyers, retailers.

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Certificate: ISO22000、FSC、BSCI and Sedex

Mature and stable supply chain resources. Quality guarantee: perfect quality management system, operate in strict compliance with QC manage processes and procedures, 100% row material check, 100% product check.

Design team: more than 10 professional members designer team who are the best in the business, provide unique product design and modification to meet your needs and promote own brand.

Our partner customers: more than 300 partner customers over 80 countries, including retailer, middle man, hotel, large business supermarket, clothes shop, personal tailor and the people with home storage needs.