Revival of Traditional Rattan Woven Products

    Natural woven products belong to traditional handicraft. In modern home, it is not only disappeared, but also it is with a retro look to weave the memories of home for people.

    Soft and tough rattans dance in the workman’s fingertips. In a long time, a little bit of complicated and meticulous, natural simplicity and poetic life in the fingertip fusion weave a different style. For thousands of years, intelligent and simple craftsmen have made use of advantaged resources to weave rattan at the fingertips, weaving rattan chairs, rattan tables, baskets and other articles of daily use, which have become indispensable necessities for people’s life. Natural woven product has the artistic charm of traditional handwork and is often used in the creation of works by major designers. Now this primitive appliance is ready to return to the public with its exquisite craftsmanship.


    As the revival of rattan household, more and more enterprises choose to return to local traditional craft. Take you into a bamboo, wood and awn woven products workshop located in Pingshan Town, Guigang City, Guangxi Province, one lampshade neatly placed in the warehouse, waiting for transportation and sold to Europe, America, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries.


    “Bamboo, wood and awn weaving industry is the traditional advantage industry of Pingshan Town, nearly 90% of the bamboo and wood and awn weaving products are exported to overseas markets, which is quite famous at home and abroad.” Li Chengyuan, secretary of the Party Committee of Pingshan Town, introduced that Pingshan town vigorously develops knitting industry. After decades of development, knitting industry has developed into Guigang weaving handicraft self-export base by the original small workshop and processing with supplied materials. At present, there are 16 enterprises above the scale.




Post time: Jul-07-2022