Hand-woven rattan baskets, practical and environmentally friendly, can store and decorate your home

Storage basket is one of the household receiving tools with the highest frequency of our daily use, and a lot of storage baskets will be put in conspicuous places, such as toy storage buckets, dirty laundry baskets, desktop storage baskets, fruit baskets, vegetable baskets and so on. It can be said that the baskets can be seen everywhere in the home. Therefore, the appearance level is very important.

However, most of us often pay attention to the practical place of household articles only, and ignore the of decorating life. In fact, daily articles should be "practical and beautiful" because they are "living" with you.

1. Hand-woven Dirty Laundry Basket——Cute and Fresh

This wicker rattan storage basket is environmentally friendly , with clothes lining. It has a cute bear on the lid with large capacity.  and a clear and cute design. It can be used as a dirty clothes basket, toy bucket, storage box, etc. It is also nice to place at home.


If you don't like the lovely wind, there are natural rattan woven baskets with strong craft and natural shape.


2. Hand-woven Snacks Storages Basket

This hand-woven basket is solid and bulk. It’s more than enough to put dirty clothes, toys or other sundries. What’s more, it is natural, literary and artistic atmosphere.

3-snacks storages-basket

3. Pastoral Style Portable Basket

It is easy to carry when you enjoy the outdoor travel. Posing as a prop is very beautiful. It can be used for flower arrangements, fruit snacks and sundries. It can be lifted and hung. The material is environmentally friendly and healthy, and the capacity can be large or small. The appearance is simple and generous, showing us a sense of nostalgia.


4. Table-dressing Fruit Basket: Simple and Elegance

It is simple and elegant, 100% natural material without painting. Therefore, it can be direct contact with food, safe and environmental protection. The baskets come in all shapes and sizes, storing bread, fruit, snacks and other sundries on the table. 

5. Sea Grass Hand-Woven Table Top Basket

The natural sea grass hand-woven table top basket can be with a clothes lining to store varies small items that need to be accessible at all times, such as books, mobile phone, remote control, charger, small snacks, etc.


6. Water Hyacinth Storages Basket

The handwoven, uncovered water hyacinth basket is plain, pastoral and goes well with the wooden furniture. All sorts of sundries are placed on the wall shelf which can be put in the open bookshelves.

Which one do you like best?

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