Tips for finding suppliers in Amazon

As an Amazon seller, finding the right supplier is very important, because the product determines whether you can make a profit or not A good supplier will maximize your profit cost. So how can you identify quality suppliers? What are the platforms for finding Amazon suppliers?

Summary of Amazon China supplier website List


Alibaba is one of the world's largest online business suppliers. It handles more business than any other e-commerce company. Headquartered in China, the company has three websites: Taobao , Tmall and Alibaba,  with millions of users. It also accommodates millions of merchants and businesses. In short, most people connected with sales on Amazon may have had contact with Alibaba.


AliExpress, unlike Alibaba, even owns AliExpress and is using it to expand its business outside of Asia, challenging companies such as Amazon and eBay. AliExpress offers high-quality products at small-volume factory prices. Alibaba tends to trade with those who resell it heavily.

 Made in China 

Founded in 1998, Made-in-China has a long history of providing B2B services and products. It is regarded as the leading third-party B2B e-commerce platform in China. The company's vision is to bridge the gap between global buyers and Chinese suppliers. It offers 27 categories of products, with 3,600 subcategories.

 Global Resources 

Global Resources promotes trade with Greater China. The company's business is mainly in exporting electronics, especially mobiles. The company's core business is to use its series of English-language media to promote export trade between Asia and the world in trade exhibitions and online.

 Dunhuang network 

Dunhuang network provides millions of quality products at wholesale prices. They offer a 70% lower price than normal market prices, providing a substantial profit to Amazon's dealers. Some people have noticed that the number of well-known brands on Dunhuang Internet does not match other websites, but it is the most easy to use website, with timely delivery and good service.

To avoid cheating suppliers, Amazon sellers need to pay attention to the following aspects

1. Service:

 Sometimes the poor service of the suppliers can turn into a big problem and end up having more cost than profit.

 I remember many years ago, a supplier mixed the labels of the two products together,  the cost of moving the warehouse and re-labeling of the product quickly exceeded the value of the product itself.

 To judge the service of your suppliers, I suggest you start from the first time you communicate with them in your emails:   Are they prompt to reply ? do they respond with courtesy and coherent answers?

Ask for samples:  Some suppliers will wrap the products completely and beautifully, and even send the list of other products from the factory and other samples.

And some suppliers, will send the samples really ragged, and even some are with defective products,  Get away from such suppliers, as soon as possible,

2. Product delivery date

 Product delivery date is related to the stability of the supply chain, and has a lot of variants. And many different players

If you are a Novice seller perhaps delivery times is not one of your priorities but you should always be careful to revise with your suppliers their delivery time plus any other parties involved in the delivery chain like your country customs or paperwork with logistics companies so you can have a more accurate idea of the real delivery time so for your product  

If you are making mass production or making exclusive market products or other private model products, the supplier's ability to deliver on time is a vety important consideration that you should discuss with your suppliers.

3. Ability to make customized changes

 This requires a certain starting quantity and cooperation time to do as foundation together with your supplier.

When choosing suppliers,  try to choose some suppliers with flexibility and open mind, that are willing to work with you for implementing new changee, with the ability to change models and adjust. Otherwise, when your scale reaches a certain level and the supplier's ability can not keep up with your development, it will greatly waste your time and energy to find the right supplier at this time.

4. Payment Terms

It is difficult for novice sellers to obtain good and long payment terms from suppliers because usually is a small order volume, but mostlybecause they haven't worked together before and there is no trust between them.  

5. Quality Assurance

 Some sellers, can not arrange a special quality inspection personnel to check their goods in the factory, so the quality control inspection is generally left on the hands of their own suppliers

 The factory's quality assurance ability, is an important point to discuss with your supplier if Quality is an important issue for you.

 it is best to ask for 5-10 samples to review the product quality, service level, delivery period guarantee and other aspects of the comprehensive inspection, and then decide which product to choose.

 So how can we better understand our suppliers by asking questions?

1. Which companies have you worked with in the past? Where do most of these companies are from?

 Although many good suppliers will not disclose who they have worked with, if a seller can understand where most of the supplier's customer companies are located, they will have a good understanding of the supplier's quality standards. Because most suppliers that sell to the United States or Europe generally produce products of higher quality than those sold to Asia or Africa.

2. Can I see your business license?

 While foreigners may not understand Chinese, You can find someone who knows Chinese and can help you to review the suppliers license  and check the Administration for Industry and Commerce in each province of China to see if the company is actually registered there.

3. What's usually your minimum starting order?

 Most people, suppliers want to make more products because large orders can make them more profits. However, if suppliers trust enough in foreign sellers' brands, they are often willing to start with lower orders. So, the starting number may not be impossible to change.

4. How long can you make your sample on average?

 Most people think it takes several weeks to make a sample. In fact, for simple clothing products like shirts or hats, the samples can be done in less than a week. Sample production times can vary greatly, depending on the type of product produced, and the service of your supplier.

5. What is your typical payment method?

Most of the suppliers accept payment of 30% before starting production and the remaining 70% before shipment. That is, foreign sellers need to pay 100% for their product before they actually receive their product. In order to better control the quality of the product before shipment, the seller may visit the supplier himself, or send a quality control team. 

Post time: Dec-03-2022