Small Home Storages-Big Business, How Does It Props Up The Multi-billion Market?

    Everyone is willing to keep their lives in order. The goal is far more ideal than the reality. Home storage and organization bother many people.
    It’s a common misconception that home storage is collating the closet. In fact, it is not and far more than this.
    First, we need to plan the places which are need to do home storage and organization. We need the professional knowledge and ability of space planning. Second, the goods needed to storage and organize are identified and grouped. We need excellent logical thinking. In order to keep clean and tidy and easy to find, we need to know how to best to use the storage and organization tools.
    According to the survey, 85% Chinese don’t know plan space 91% of which has hoarding and don’t want to throw out. 83% people have more than 500 clothes in their closet. 75% people waste he generous amount of storage space.

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    It is observed that many people are troubled by organizing and storages. There is an obvious market for it. From the perspective of market economics, the market demand, will have the corresponding product supply market.
    Organizing and storages are rigid demand for many people. With the change of people's concept of life, people pursue a higher quality life. People use high-quality storages products to organize and storage the goods. It can make the home in perfect order in a short time, which can save a large amount of time when we can create greater value and to enjoy the life.
Organizing goods is tidying up the mood and the quality of life. After organizing by various kinds of storages products, the home image is obviously changed. We can vividly feel the change of life and the improvement of quality of life.
    American Business Review magazine defined the organizing and storages industry as the sunrise industry.
    According to the survey, as of 2020, the yearly output value of organizing and storages industry has reached as much as over 100 billion yuan. It becomes a new port of god favors a great potential.
    The huge marketing demands of organizing and storages is currently attracting more and more companies to engage in development and production.
On the future development trend side, organizing and storages industry will grow at 20%-30% a year and be in an accelerated stage and the future with optimism, the market-research firm said.

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Post time: Jun-01-2022