How to Keep Your Pets Sleep Cool and Comfortable in Summer?

    The bed has great attraction for cats. Spending ten or twenty hours in sleep are commonplace in front of cats. Cats had no fixed cattery, such as sofa, bed, window, TV, cupboard and other corners in the room. In a word, all places can be their catteries as long as they feel comfortable.

natural cattery for pet

    How to keep your pets sleep cool and comfortable in Summer? All “parents” often see their cats be “Inverted Uncle”. The cats are always inverted or on all fours wherever to go. They don’t care if they are elegant. That’s why we recommend the hand-woven rattan catteries which can be better to be cool. The gaps of rattan catteries are bigger than the gaps of grass’, so the gas permeability and heat dissipation are relatively strong. In summer, this rattan cattery is the best choice for your De-lovely.

natural pet cattery

    The rattan catteries are tough, light, cool and breathable. It is available throughout the year, which is cool in summer and can be with a layer of the quilt or blanket in winter. Please choose a better-quality cattery for your cat, with bite resistance and scratch resistance. Sort of natural rattan is very popular nowadays, with good quality but without peculiar smell. It is convenient for you to clean. You can wash it directly. The sort of natural rattan is waterproof and moisture-proof.

natural pet cattery


Post time: Jun-17-2022